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How to Submit Website to Bing Search Engine

In this video, I show you how to submit website to the Bing search engine. Follow along with me as I show you how to submit your website using Bing Webmaster Tools. First, we’re going to verify your website using the Yoast plugin on WordPress, then we’re going to submit your sitemap so that you can start getting indexed and found on Bing. How to Submit Website to Bing Search Engine .

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1️⃣ To start, navigate to https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
2️⃣ Sign in (or create a Bing user first)
3️⃣ Enter your website URL under “Add a Site”
4️⃣ Type in your full website URL including the “HTTP” or “HTTPS”
5️⃣ Verify using the “HTML tag” method
6️⃣ Add HTML meta tag to the website using Yoast plugin
7️⃣ Click “Verify”
8️⃣ Finally, navigate to “Sitemaps” in Bing Webmaster Tools
9️⃣ Enter and submit your sitemap


*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and may not reflect the best practices and opinions of the search engines, social media platforms, and tools mentioned – and in some cases may directly contradict their terms of service.


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